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okay but a story about an asexual pirate who gets made fun of by the crew until he saves all of them from sirens

A pirate for the adventure, not the booty


oh my god i want that on a bumper sticker


Trying to pilot a ship here. Thanks.


can we please discuss the differences between Hairspray and Grease? I like Grease but the message at the end is like “change yourself so that your asshole love interest will want you back”. Hairspray is amazing because the protagonist was overweight and she got the boy she wanted and the only thing that changed about her was her hair. Hairspray is where it’s at man.



That’s how all women should feel about their body.



Now those are the eyes….that I know

This is cool-looking! What’s it from? :D

Noragami! c:

It’s a really awesome anime, definitely worth watching!

Amy Pond and Rose Tyler are best friends since childhood. Amy is cynical, fierce and adventurous; Rose is more dreamy and calm, but extremely smart. their favorite childhood game was imagining they could travel wherever and whenever they wished - but as they grew up, Amy, who found out the hard way how different the real world is from their fantasies, started mocking Rose for loving their game so much. Rose stopped talking about it, but she never really gave up; Amy still noticed how her eyes go blank sometimes, as if her thoughts are far far away. as the years passed, Amy never expected rose to bring up the subject again - but then Rose showed her a mysterious blue box, and Amy found out that there are actually quite a lot of things she doesn’t know about her best friend…”


Magical Girls (1995 - 2014)